Kidmix – window limiter with rope 400kg Quality

Kidmix window limiter with rope reliably protects windows against opening by small children. In the open position, will help ventilation in the room without worrying about the child.

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Window limiter detail information

Kidmix limiter with steel rope force pressure up to 400 kg. Device consists of three parts – directly the cable itself; basic element with a lock that is attached to a fixed sash; and the hook located on the movable sash. To open the limiter for window, you will have to turn the key and remove the cable head from the keyhole.

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Characteristics Values
Colors White; Black; Brown; Dark brown; Antistic Grey;
Materials Metal, Plastic, Steel Rope,
Quantity in box 100 pieces

Technical information

Among children’s locks for plastic windows, many consumers prefer a limiter, which is suitable for any type window system, including aluminum structures. After all, the window stop allows the sash to move even in the closed position of the lock, but the amplitude of its opening is limited by the length of the cable.

0 Kg.
Withstands the load
0 Year
Life time
Opening a window

Fitting instruction

Watch a detailed video instruction for installing Kidmix window limiter.

Installation of a child lock on pvc  window is carried out in several stages:

  1. The location of the limiter on the frame is marked;
  2. Using a drill, holes are made for the bolts in the marked places;
  3. Using a screwdriver, screw on the main element with a locking mechanism;
  4. On the second frame, a hook is attached in a similar way;
  5. A cable is put on both parts of the child lock;

window limiter

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