Lux – Window Safety Lock

“Lux” safety lock is a reliable protection of windows from sudden opening by children and anti-burglar protection of your home. Lux safety lock is made of durable materials that guarantees a long service life.

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Lux window safety lock detail information

Lux window safety lock Children’s lock on plastic windows can withstand pressure up to 350 kilograms. Simple mechanism, no difficult installation of the Lux limiter, easy to install in any room of your home. To open the lock, you need to press the button on top and pull the handle down or up.

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Characteristics Values
Colors White; Black; Brown; Dark brown; Antistic Grey;
Material Metal
Quantity in box 150 pieces

Technical information

Unlike adults, children are very curious and tirelessly want to learn about the world around them. And therefore, there are times when they climb onto the windowsill to open the window sashes. They’re just trying to figure out what’s behind the window. And so that the kids do not fall out of the window, parents should install a child lock in the house, which will reliably protect the window openings from opening it.

Window blockers produce several modifications – with a push-button fixation and with pull-out mechanism. Regardless of the blocking method, they are versatile and suitable for protecting windows at home.

The device is fixed in the reinforcing profile of the window and has a reliable fastening that prevents unauthorized opening of the sash from the outside. Even if intruders are able to turn the handle or rip the sash off the hooks, it will still remain closed, since it will run into the lock.

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Life time
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Fitting instruction

Watch a detailed video instruction for installation child lock on window.

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