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For the safety of our children

Since 2010 Kidmix has been producing restraints for windows and doors. We would like, to offer you high quality accessories for your home.

      Kidmix Limiter With Cable

      The window limiter with a rigid cable. Is easy to install and can be used in homes and kindergartens.

      Lux Safety Lock

      Universal lock for all types of PVC windows and others. The blocker reliably protects from opening windows by children.

      Child Drawer & Cabinets Security Locks

      Thanks to simple mechanism this limiter, children’s drawers are now securely closed.

      kidmix child

      Professional accessories for child and home protection

      “De-Aks Metal” has 25 years of experience. Our company produces safety locks and limiters. Year after year, our team improves quality standards to achieve the best results.

      Commercial use

      Kidmix limiters provide reliable window protection in schools, hotels and hospitals.

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      Kidmix for the Home

      Window blockers prevent children from accidentally opening.

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      Why Us?

      Undoubtedly, home safety is our top priority! Due to that, we select quality materials for limiters and blockers.

      Reliable Quality

      Made with quality materials. To withstand heavy loads.

      10 Years Successful

      In our opinion, we have managed to win the trust of our customers.

      Made In Turkey

      Kidmix is developed and manufactured in Turkey.

      Your home and family in security


      I have been buying the product for more than 5 years and I am happy with everything. Thanks

      Murat Yazici, Atmaca Yapı

      Kidmix very useful quality product, suitable for all windows

      Ahmet Çavuşoğlu, Mashotrend

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